Clinical data is highly sensitive - therefor is security paramount to us at Signifikans.


…named location in the EU

Some of our security features

  • You will receive a unique PRIVAT cloud installation of CLIN-LINK

  • Your PRIVAT cloud server is based in the EU on a named location

  • Keep your data on your own PRIVAT cloud server at all times. Nothing leaks, not even metadata.

  • Secure password-protected user login/authentication.

  • Multi-factor login.

  • IP whitelisting (optional).

  • Validated and optimized for running applications with the highest level of security and GCP compliance.

  • Distributed transaction logs, metadata, audit logs, and signatures.

  • Zero data loss architecture.

  • Enhanced data security via multiple layers of firewalls.

  • >99% network uptime.

  • One-hour hardware replacement.

  • Automated monitoring and alerts.

  • Hardened applications and database server security.

  • Intrusion detection systems (IDS).

  • Database access segmentation.

  • SSL/TLS encrypted data transfer.

  • Daily back-up.

  • Offsite back-up storage.

  • Validated disaster recovery.

  • Data center secured by keycards, biometric scanning, and surveillance 24/7/365 system.

  • Network monitoring for uptime, intrusion detection, and predictive failure.

  • Integrated security auditing and reporting.