Are you wondering if CLIN-LINK can add value to your organization? We suggest trying it - at no cost.

Get a free trial account

Send us an e-mail at with a list of one or more e-mails and usernames and we will setup a trial environment for you.

Log in on our CLIN-LINK demo server (two-factor access is not activated):

If (when!) you like what you see just contact us for an initial meeting.

Initial meeting

During the initial meeting we will listen to your wants and needs and answer any questions you might have. The meeting summary will be used to prepare a requirement specification. The content of this specification is everything from security requirements, number of users, back-ups, storage capacity, (global) availability, modules, validation, etc.

If you are satisfied that CLIN-LINK can cover your needs and agree on the requirement specification, we can proceed to set up and configure your CLIN-LINK instance.


CLIN-LINK is set up on a dedicated private cloud server and configured according to agreed specifications. After tests and verification passes, the system will be functional and ready to use in a verified state.


Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) is performed by Signifikans to test setup and functionalities. Performance Qualification (PQ) is performed by Signifikans and you as a joint effort.

The validation process results in a formal validation report delivered to you.


Your validated CLIN-LINK system is ready to use!

Any questions? Please contact us at